Ristorante Scarpone , Roma, Italy

This visit we tried a place called Scarpone in Rome. We were told that the Pope eats here during the day on Sundays so off we went. It’s a truly local family place across from the park where a stroll after lunch on a nice day would be lovely however please don’t try it after a rainy day or you will be wading in mud as we did.

The first course offering on an antipasto table looked too good to refuse. For the main I had the bistecca alla fiorentina after seeing all that fresh meat and the wood fired grill it seemed like a must try item. It tasted as good as it look, I could cut it with my fork it was like butter soft with that wonderful wood grill taste (not any smokiness which I don’t care for) they cooked it rare so if you like it cooked more please ask them. Lori decided to have pasta for her main it was Fresh Pasta with Shrimp Sauce I don’t think there are any words to make that sound any better than it does already and it was awesome. Desert was a simple Fragolini (mini strawberries pick in the wild) with homemade ice cream and a Lemon cake made in the house with lemons from Sorrento.

The whole dining experience was great including the friendly service. We had an enjoyable lunch even though the Pope was not there this Sunday. I will certainly return I had my eye on a grilled veal chop.

Ivan Klugman : The Photo Gourmet


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