Sea Salt, Naples, Florida

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We stopped in for light lunch in Naples Florida today revisiting a favorite from last year. We are happy to report that the food is better than ever and all is going well at Sea Salt.

This visit we where lucky enough to have a long chat with the Chef/Owner Fabrizio Aielli. He was a most pleasant Italian gentlemen that was passionate about the quality of the ingredients he serves. He proudly explained how he is getting fresh ingredients flown in several times a week and some of his fish from Italy is fresher than that of some of the local fish served elsewhere.  Tomatoes are another passion of the Chef’s he loves to serve them with just a bit of fine olive oil and salt.

We are looking forward to returning shortly to have the fresh Gelato the chef promised us and to visit his new venue opening in the fall. We highly recommend that when in Naples Florida, you dine like your in Naples Italy at Sea Salt.

Sea Salt
1186 3rd Street South
Naples, FL 34102-7055
(239) 434-7258


Botin, Madrid, Spain



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I picked up a trip to Madrid. Being a fan of the Travel Channel, I remembered Andrew Zimmern eating at Botin.

I love roast pig! and the Baby roast suckling pig was amazing.


This is the oldest restaurant in the world and THE place for Baby roast suckling pig in Madrid.



Micheal’s Genuine Food

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Great conceptual menu and great service. The ingredients were excellent however the preparation was poor. The steak was cooked to the wrong temperature and salad soaked in oil. Pizza dough was tasteless and undercooked. To the staff’s credit they did remove it from the bill.
Unfortunately there was a fatal flaw in the Men’s room: it was dirty and paper towels where overflowing the basket. I’d expect better than this in a fast food establishment.  Michael needs to get off TV and back in his restaurants !!

Miami Design District.


Cafe Boulud, Palm Beach, Florida

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On a lazy Florida summer morning, I decided there has to be something to eat in this state. I went to my computer and signed in to my subscription. I started searching for places to dine in Palm Beach county.  I noticed that Danial Boulud had a Cafe in Palm Beach.  We have been to a couple of his places in NYC and enjoyed them as well as meeting him during lunch at DBGB. I made a reservation for lunch.

Cafe Boulud in Palm Beach has an amazing 3 course lunch for 20 dollars. I’d pay the 20 dollars of the dessert alone it was so good. The service team was highly professional lead by  the manager Andrew.  As one would expect from one of Chef Daniel’s establishments everything is beyond first class.  As you can see from the photos we have returned several times and have been delighted each time