The Photogourmet

Capt. Ivan Klugman : The Photogourmet

Born in New York and raised on Long Island.  My Passion for photography became apparent at age eleven.  I proceeded with photography passionately until I was sixteen when I took my first flying lesson.  My photography took a back seat to my flying for many years. Now I’m a retired airline captain.  I consider myself a gourmet, eating at  many restaurants around the world.  I also have an interest in wine and enjoy visiting the major wine regions of Italy, France and The United States.

About 18 years ago I started to combine my passions for FOOD and Photography by photographing the food and wine I consumed on vacation.  When I brought these photos to be framed the gallery owner suggested I sell them to others; The Photo Gourmet  was born.

I currently reside in New York NY with my lovely wife of 23 years Lori. We enjoy flying around the world eating and photographing.