Sushi Taro, Washington DC

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I’ve been a Sushi fan for many years and have eaten it all over the world including Japan. Sushi Taro is on par with the finest!! There are very few Sushi places in the US on this level. Most places in NYC are not even close to the quality of the product that Sushi Taro serves. Let’s speak a minute about WASABI most people in the US have never had Wasabi, they have eaten a green clay like substance that most Japanese restaurants call wasabi but it is not!!  Taro serves real wasabi and thats just one of the reasons it is so far beyond the rest of the pack. I have been to Taro a few times besides the sushi, I recommend the 10 hour cooked pork belly and the house red bean made ice cream.

Expensive YES worth it Without Question!

1503 17th Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20036

(202) 328-3756



Les Cocottes, Paris, France

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This is another great establishment owned by Chef Christian Constant. Les Cocottes is the french equivalent of eating at a causal diner. Seating is either at the counter or at counter height communal tables. There are very nice daily specials as well as the standard menu both are reasonably priced. I have returned to Les Cocottes several times some of the dishes that I enjoyed the most were: Arugula salad with bacon and a poached egg drizzled with balsamic sauce, Lamb parts and potatoes stuffed with pigs feet are both great choices for the main. DO NOT PASS on the Waffle with caramel for desert!!

I’m getting hungry just thinking about this place !!!


Les Cocottes
135, rue Saint-Dominique, 7th

The restaurant Les Cocottes is open
every day from noon till 3:00pm
and 7:00-10:30pm