La Cadrega, Milan, Italy

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Just around the corner from the Milan Hilton by the Central Stations is this wonderful restaurant.  It is one of the few places that is open all day long which is nice for us time travelers who are in a different time zone.  Every thing from bread to desert is wonderful. I especially recommend the fresh ink pasta with seafood. They have many fresh pastas on the menu and all should be tried. The service is excellent and they really go the extra mile to make you feel at home.


I have recently revisited: Unfortunately, I have to report that this place has gone downhill a bit. While the food is still good, it has become a tourist trap by raising prices and charging fees to tourist that an Italian would never pay.



By Ivan Klugman

Born in New York and raised on Long Island. my Passion for photography became apparent at age eleven. My photography took a back seat to my flying for many years. Now I'm an airline Captain flying internationally. I consider myself a gourmet, eating at the finer restaurants of France and Italy. I also have an interest in wine and enjoy visiting the major wine regions of Italy, France and the United States. We currently reside in New York NY with my lovely wife of 19 years Lori. We enjoy flying around the world eating, drinking and photographing.

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  1. Hi Ivan I`ve Enjoyed your site Photogourmet we share same passions …Like Photography Foood wine and Planes But Im Not Pilot! I Would like to Invite you to meet My Country Portugal and our Good Food and Excellent Wines too!!

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