Prosperity Dumpling, NYC

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Low budget dive called Prosperity??.. Dumpling Shop in NYC. They have managed to get a “A” grade from the NYC Health department so they must be clean.  The Dumplings are 5 for a dollar which explains the line that is always in front of the place.  The dumpling are pretty good and for a dollar who can complain.  Cheap snack after a night out on the Lower East Side.….


Prosperity Dumpling

46 Eldridge Street NY NY


By Ivan Klugman

Born in New York and raised on Long Island. my Passion for photography became apparent at age eleven. My photography took a back seat to my flying for many years. Now I'm an airline Captain flying internationally. I consider myself a gourmet, eating at the finer restaurants of France and Italy. I also have an interest in wine and enjoy visiting the major wine regions of Italy, France and the United States. We currently reside in New York NY with my lovely wife of 19 years Lori. We enjoy flying around the world eating, drinking and photographing.