Pitango Gelato, Washington D.C.

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I have decide to change my rating system for Gelato and rate Italian Gelato in a separate category because to compare it to anything else is unfair and places most US products in the poor category.

Fine Italian Gelato the homemade kind found in the small family run shops is beyond compare, it simply puts all others to shame . It possess a creamy yet not thick texture with flavors at explode in your mouth. I have yet to experience this in the US. I have come very close and the establishment that came close has even  flown in a Gelato consultant from Italy to assist them. I believe the next time I return they will have their product at a level of a descent  Italian product.

Pitango Gelato uses all mostly locally scoured and  all organic ingredients.
They charge a premium price for these ingredients, is it worth it. Well if you desire to eat an organic diet it is to others it may not be.  At 5.60 a scoop it very expensive snack for a family.

My verdict; I tasted about six flavors. They where very eager for me to try the nut flavors. The nut flavors or shall I say lack of flavor where very disappointing. The Chocolate Noir was good and I even ate more than one spoonful which is saying a lot because I usual taste a spoonful and throw the rest out because I’m so disappointed.

Rating: US/Fair-Good


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