Franchi, Roma, Italy

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Franchi is not a restaurant but more of a gourmet deli that allows you to enjoy a meal standing up at the counter.  I have not been there lately much as I used to however I always stop in to say hello to  my friends and have a bite to eat when in Rome. I have a large group of friends that always request I bring them the CHEESE that is the Parmigiano-Reggiano from Franchi.   I don’t no why but it is simply the best. I have searched the world including many other places in Italy however the CHEESE from Franchi is always the best.  Quite frankly you can’t go wrong with anything you get at Franchi!!!   They only have the best of the best of Italian foods in their shop. Yes, some people find it expensive however you get what you pay for.  Let me clue you in on the Rice Ball procedure.  Rick Steve, the budget travel writer has recommended Franchi for a quick bite. I personally wish Steve would send these tourists elsewhere however they come in droves in the summer for Rice Balls which are amazing. To accommodate all these tourists and collect their money Franchi has instituted a pay at the cashier then get your Rice Ball policy.

Via Cola di Rienzo, 204
00192 Roma (Lazio), Italy
+39 06 687 4651


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